24 Minutes of UX

A community podcast

A community podcast

The 24 Minutes of UX podcast series is a full-year extension of our annual 24 Hours of UX event.

The podcast is a combination of an after-work discussion, a 1-on-1 chat, a global community platform, and a coaching session, from the creators of 24 Hours of UX.

Episodes always feature a Seeker and a Giver – UXers just like you!

The curious Seeker is a person seeking advice in a specific topic within the domain of UX. The experienced Giver is here for sharing the knowledge they gathered around the same topic over the years.

Both the Seeker and the Giver can be senior or junior – we all learn all the time. Topics can be Measurement, Personas, DesignOps, Stakeholder management, Hiring, Forms, Research… or anything else.

Be part of the movement

Our podcast features UXers just like you! Sign up here to be a Seeker or a Giver. We will match you up with a counterpart, and invite you to our show. The more specifically you can define your topic, the better and faster will we be able to match you with someone.

Your contact details will only be used for communication about your participation at 24 Minutes of UX. No information will be shared with any third party.