Dear communities, 24 Hours of UX will be back on June 8th!

Our goal is to provide a global stage for grassroots UX communities, to showcase UX stories from the field. So instead of call-for-speakers, we have a call-for communities. If you are a speaker, and eager to participate, reach out to a UX community in your city or country, and apply together.

June 7th/8th/9th

Save the date

The day with the most UX is back! The 2022 edition of 24 Hours of UX will begin on June 8th,  7am CEST, and will keep you awake with global content until the same time the following day. Because we are global, the event stretches across June 7th, 8th and 9th, with the below starting hours:

  • 5pm New Zealand (UTC +12)
  • 1pm Beijing (UTC +8)
  • 6am London (UTC +1)
  • 10pm PT USA (UTC -7; June 7th)
  • 1am ET USA (UTC -4)
24 Minutes of UX - A Community Podcast

Our podcast series is the combination of an after-work discussion, a 1-on-1 chat, a global community platform, and a coaching session. Episodes always feature a Seeker of UX wisdom and a Giver of UX wisdom – who are people from the global UX community, just like you.

The Seeker and Giver engage in a conversation about a specific UX topic, and we all get to listen in and learn along. Are you looking for UX wisdom, or do you want to share your UX wisdom? Let us know!

Our story is your story

Ever wondered how UXers in Manila are thinking? Or what the hot topics are in Nairobi? Or what keeps experience designers up at night in Geneva? Now is your chance to listen in or talk to the world!

We are a non-profit, made up of local and independent UX event organizers from all corners of the world. We love bringing knowledge to our communities in face-to-face events, and are now expanding into the virtual space, together. In June 2020 we joined forces to bring 24 hours of uninterrupted live online content to the global user experience community. So instead of disrupting local communities with a steamroller globalized effort, we are globalizing the local communities themselves. Together we become more than the sum of our parts.

What we stand for

our values - non-stop

We stand for never-ending learning, continuous effort, and the humility to admit that the more we know as professionals, the more we realise how much more we could learn. Our content and effort mirror this belief through the 24-hour format, their recurring nature, or through involving both junior and senior UXers.

our values - glocal

The word “glocal” was formed through combining ‘global’ and ‘local’. But for too long, this meant that centralized global approaches, beliefs and experience are pushed to local experts. We are turning this around. We stand for bringing local aspects, peculiarities and little-known facts to a global stage, by working with local experts.

our values - community

“If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” We want to go far. We believe in the power of community, and support it through all our efforts. It is not ourselves that are put in the limelight – rather the local grassroots communities in your region, wherever you live.

User Experience Budapest
Design Leadership Therapy
UX Kitchen
UX Research Lab
UX Wellington
UX Beijing
World Information Architecture Day
UX Auckland
Humans in Service Design
Arabic UX Community
Savvy UX Summit
Athens UX Community
Knock AI
UX Talk Tokyo
Digital Strategy and UX Geneva
UX Copenhagen
Calgary UX
Iterate UX
UX Philippines
Dallas User Experience Group
UX Graz
UX Thailand
xOps Today

24 Hours of UX 2020 Recap

24 Hours of UX 2020 event montage

2020 was not an easy year for anyone. But difficulties always have a silver lining: the world became one global stage. Although our usual in-person events were no longer possible, we turned our challenge into an opportunity, and worked with over 20 local communities to create an event reaching 7000 UX professionals. It was a true team effort, and we did it all in 40 days.

And big names also supported out effort, with keynotes delivered by Jeff Patton, Phil Balagtas, Jeff Goethelf, Jake Knapp, A.J. Wood, Indi Young, Brian Sullivan, and Susan Weinschenk.

Who we are

So who’s behind this initiative? People like you – practitioners –  who in their spare time have been running their own communities, organizing live events in their respective cities, while live events were still possible. We cover 6 continents, and most of us have only ever met online.

Hans Barroga
Estefania Olmos
Dr. Idyawati Hussein
Johannes Lehner
Jesse Anton
Ahmad Alhuwwari
Amy Woolsey
Keith Instone

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