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Together as one

We are a non-profit of communities, built for the communities. Our goal is to provide a global stage for grassroots UX communities, and to showcase UX stories from the field through them. Because we’ve all seen the shiny, the perfect, the ideal – but we rarely get to see the real and the different. From Malaysia to the US, from Switzerland to New Zealand, from Japan to Belarus, we want to show the world not just the global successes, but also the local peculiarities, struggles, and golden nuggets.

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Previous Community Partners

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Más Mujeres UX Argentina
xOps Today
Knock AI
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MIT AgeLab
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UX Ghana
Athens UX Community
Void Casablanca
UX Kitchen
Savannah College of Art & Design
Humans in Service Design
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Trace Research & Development Center
UXPA International
Design Spectrum
Design Leadership Therapy
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Sustainable UX Network
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Singapore University of Technology and Design