Bring your community to the global stage in 2022

We are a non-profit of communities, built for the communities. Our goal is to provide a global stage for grassroots UX communities, and to showcase UX stories from the field through them. Because we’ve all seen the shiny, the perfect, the ideal – but we rarely get to see the real and the different. From Malaysia to the US, from Switzerland to New Zealand, from Japan to Belarus, we want to show the world not just the global successes, but also the local peculiarities, struggles, and golden nuggets.

2022 Themes

ME - The personal track

We all want to be better at what we do. But where to begin? What to learn next? How to plan our career? And Once we have figured that out – how do we help others grow?

This track is all about planning our own never-ending-learning, and figuring out how helping others can help us improve our own skills.

WE - The collective track

UX will remain an ever-changing field for years to come. What should we as UXers be tackling next? What roles to cooperate with most? How can we grow our relevance within the organization? What successes can we celebrate? What should we hold on to, and what can we throw away like paper prototypes?

This track is all about the UX practice, its growth, and future.

US - The ecosystem track

What can UX achieve in a wider stance? How can we improve our organizations? How can we improve the world? What impacts have we made? What opportunities have we missed? Are we dissolving problems, or are we just solving them, allowing them to re-emerge once again? How does UX fit into the grand theme of things? Will UX always be around?

This track is all about the wider context, UXers thinking about more than just UX.

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Who we are

So who’s behind this initiative? People like you – practitioners –  who in their spare time have been running their own communities, organizing live events in their respective cities, while live events were still possible. We cover 6 continents, and most of us have only ever met online.

Johannes Lehner
Jesse Anton
Ahmad Alhuwwari
Keith Instone
Donna Spencer
Peter Horvath
Shaza Hakim
Estefania Olmos
Seth Mbhele

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